All the 7 aspects of a human life, Ego/Personality, Livelihood/ Finances, Relationships, Body, Belief System, Community are exhausting and a chore to be unburdened from, because the one aspect that binds them all in a natural state of flow, of being, the Spiritual Aspect is lacking or missing.

I started my journey 13+ years back, even being born with clair & psychic abilities couldn’t do it faster for me. Life before my spiritual journey and after have proven to me time & again that without awakening manifestation within us, we may not be able to change much, do much in our lifetime. And our collective dharma being rising above the mundane while making it magical, may remain unfulfilled.

We at Soul-Innovations Studio, innovate the way we live, using the eastern powerful mysticism, the western esoteric underrated metaphysical, with the brain science, neuroscience of body & behavior. We hand-hold you through life changes, spiritual awakenings, healthy mind-body connection, while helping you see the highest potential you haven’t yet discovered.

Join me in awakening your manifestation!!! 

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Alleviate your Money-Power

Akashic Records Reading

45 mins to 1 hr. Recorded Video
$ 100
  • With Akashic Records reading you can experience heightened intuition, and in many cases, heightened psychic abilities too.

Guidance Reading

45 mins Recorded Video
$ 77
  • This session is useful when you have handful of questions about your current situation/situations. This reading will provide clarity, understanding & detailed hidden energy agenda

Sacred Channelling

30 mins LIVE Session
$ 200
  • This reading use the power of your Soul and is also karma-releasing with your soul-symbol shared with you, that you will be able to use in every manifestation required.

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