When we’re in midst of a conflict, it’s difficult to remember we are a powerful being who can change the situation and also have power over them.

Somehow as we’re seeing more “light” & our highest fulfilment is within reach, our wounds come to play harder with us. Most of us have gone through abandonment, trauma, abuse, narcissism and somehow still have the strength to survive. But thriving has become a chore and even after multiple tarot readings and energy healing session, we don’t know how to.

I started this same journey 13+ years back, and even being born with clair & psychic abilities couldn’t do it faster for me. Life before my spiritual journey and after, have shown me, without awakening manifestation within us, we may not be able to change much, do much for ourself.

Which is why at Soul-Innovations Studio, we provide tangible solutions to tangible problems. Spirituality isn’t about the woo-woo and what can’t be seen, but chnaging the tune so we can find results in our mundane life.

We don’t believe we need to go to himalayas to attain fulfillment, we do it here, in our everyday life, every moment!!

Join us in awakening your manifestation!!! 

Join me in experiencing your power of magnetising Prosperity.

This is a gift to you in the form of a powerful, change inducing Universal Prosperity Check with a mystical twist to it and we’re calling it “Prosperity check Formula” because it’s just not a Universal check but comes with its own team of meditation and ebook. 

If you want to witness changes in your power to attract financial abundance, then conside this your Spirit’s way of showing you how.

Be the powerhouse of attracting Prosperity.

Alleviate your


With the powerful practices of embodying our highest prosperity spirit, this is a unique course which has the power to turn around your power of attraction and create wealth which has the power to stay.

Wealth practices are either too common, or doesn’t have the power to get you real results. With “Alleviate your Money-Power”, each of the practices in the Windfall Technique section and Money-Booster part are geared to be as unique as your own system.

The practices are simple yet profoundly successful in creating a paradigm shift in your perspective, so where earlier was drought & lack is now, abundance & power of creation.

This course has unique journals and amazing ways to help you embody and attract the energy of money abundance.

What Do They Say about Paulami?


Most Liked Sessions

Some of the most liked sessions are the ones which drives results, that you can feel, see and experience as you go along. Another truth of these sessions is the way they awaken something deep withion you to harness your own power and Soul-purpose.

3 Months Coaching (Manifest & Heal) Partnership

Set your goals and see them manifest as the change in the blueprint of your DNA Matrix brings about power over every challenge that’s happening and/or can happen!!!

Akashic Records Reading

45 mins to 1+ hr. Recorded Video

With Akashic Records reading you can experience heightened intuition, and in many cases, heightened psychic abilities too.


We don’t spam you, nor we sell your information to anybody. At Soul-Innovations Studio, we’re a stickler of our  ethics.