Our Cosmic Body is associated by powerful cosmic spirits, ones’ that we realize only after deepening our ascension powers within. When we start embodying our highest archetype, Soul everyday, we are welcomed into this amazing knowledge which becomes more like an actual, tangible experience.

This activation also has the power to undo redundant karmic-systems without much fuss while re-connecting us to our hidden inner-power.

The Angelic Connection starts from our physical body – our etheric body, the chakras, to our buddhic & highest spiritual body. There isn’t a single aspect of our being that isn’t connected, the only bring back our lost memory of being a soul- an energy being into our current reality.

As we already know that the Chakras are a whole world in themselves, and each one of them (there are thousands of chakras in one body system) have their own presiding Angelic Forces/Deity. 

This Masterclass is about knowing the facts, learn about them, and also how to leverage this powerful connections for your greater good.

Our consciousness at different levels of our body are also the gateway to our subconscious and all those aspect of us (our ego) which creates challenges making us think its for our good & safe life. This is one of the reason why it’s so hard to find liberation from the inner toxicity.

This FREE MASTERCLASS envisages to help you in sharpening your senses in ascension, so you have the clarity to deal with your shadow-work, and release what you haven’t been able to release. 

The MasterClass

This Masterclass will leverage the connection you have with your Angels, ascending your senses to higher levels of consciousness and awakening the unawakened- hidden powers.

Want to connect with the Angels within you?

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