10-Days Violet Flame Challenge to Change your Life

Starting: 24th APRIL 2024

Every lifetime, you have gone through Initiation, and as Violet Flame has found you again, its one step ahead for you from your previous level.

Violet Flame even after its revelation, has so many aspects that individuals working with it has discovered something new. Like the Divine Creator themselves, the Violet Flame shows magical concurrence and revelations time to time.

Your intiation with Violet Flame with these 10-days can help you see your own association with them and find a meaningful relationship so your life and your essence is transmuted of all that isn’t yours to bear anymore.

This transmutation is your karma and depends on how you conduct your energy to activate this ultimate ascension. With Violet flame this becomes a blessed process of deep purification and crystallization of your I AM presence in your being.

Even the Kundalini Awakening that’s happening, as Earth’s shifting to a new reality, with Violet Flame the journey will be of intense yet effortless transformation without depression, trauma response and shadows overruling our good luck, blessings and abundance.

As you learn to use the Violet Flame in your life,

You will experience intense Soul Connection,

You will experience in tangible reality the presence of your Soul,

You will be empowered to live your highest dharma.