Be the embodied Soul

Hi, I’m Paulami

I’m so deligted you’re here. I’m a Soul-attuned healer, spiritual mentor, researcher & teacher focussed on creating spaces, practices to embody our Soul, so we can live a life of integration of our highest potential, in all aspects.

I’m the founder of Soul-Innovations Studio and creator of Decoding Wellness with the mission of connecting everyone to their own superpowers because that’s the only way to your greatness!

Through my Near Death Experience and subsequent healing, the dark night & two powerful awakenings, my superpower was a gift shared directly by my Soul-team.

My greatest passion stems from my gift and is in seeing the unseen potential in others, untapped and unexplored, waiting to find an expression. All my products & services are designed around the same mission.

If you’re a seeker who has just started their journey, or you are an spiritual entreprenuer, and have been facing lacklustre response to your work at the best, if you are in your darkest period of dark-night of the ego, then this energy bueprint is for you.


Our karma creates an inernal system of matrix for us, even before we’re born. This matrix is responsible for our personality to every experience we have in life. It also reveals all our strengths, superpowers, challenges, and obstacles. This matrxi can be easily understood with the help of Soul-intuitive astrology, Numerology, Tarot as well as Channeling.

This report helps us understand more of the “whys” and helps in determinig the “hows”.

In this free 20-minute recorded session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your matrix that leads to certain patterned ways of life and isn’t working for you anymore, we’ll also look at what works and the hidden blessings you haven’t been able to manifest. This report is geared to awaken manifestation in you, so you can live a more fulfilled and abundant life.

At Soul-Innovations Studio, we are dedicated to Awaken Manifestation so you can shed that maya of 3D-illusion, and discover your highest & best potential as a Soul, on this reality enjoying life as you want to.

The most important factor in our work and success is the reason why we do it. Just like the North Star, we love guiding you towards your right path to fulfilment. 


Attract prosperity you didn’t thought was possible for you!

Whether you know it or not, you’re yearning for it, you want this high-vibe abundance to realise your dreams, you desire to become your highest prosperity potential. It’s your soul-right, waiting for you to acknowledge & embrace it.

Many people have this innate fear of prosperity, and even wanting it doesn’t help them. But I’m offering a respite from it, through the powerful code of a “Prosperity Check Formula” which triggers the right parts of your brain, heart & gut to magnetize prosperity to you.





Embodying your Superpower

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