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Get your Mystical glow-up!!


Tarot is the device of the Magus, which connects you to your Soul-Power and opens up the portal to your Star-Family in ethers.

Paulami dedicates the readings/ channellings to help you manifest and expand your desires. Be it your love life, finances, abundance of any kind, more reach, more fulfillment in spiritual, love, relationship aspects or your uncomprehension regarding your shadow and how those challenges are stiffling your manifestation, everything is clarified in this reading.


These readings are powerful because Paulami gets access to the right solutions, suggestions, advice whatever your Soul wants you to know. Your Soul isn’t just a messenger of your various aspects, they are also an authority in providong the right answers.

Experience all that and more.

Sacred Channelling

Channel your Soul-Messages and Sacred Soul-Symbol


$ 255

These readings use the power of your Soul through Paulami’s channelling, and are pretty special reads. It started when Paulami gave herself one, which changed her perspective & brought the clarity she had been waiting for, since couple of years. These are profound reads!

This reading is also karma-releasing with your soul-symbol shared with you, that you will be able to use in every aspect of your life, and whenever, wherever you need change. You will be provided detailed informations about your career, finances, love, relationships, success, manifestations and all other aspects of life.

This sacred session will help you be divinely guided by your Soul not only during the session but several days afterwards!!!

This special session needs Paulami to prepare 20 mins. before the session starts, so she can have easy access without time taken in connection.

This is an hour & more, LIVE session via Zoom.

Akashic Records Reading

$ 222

While reading your Akashic Records you can experience heightened intuition, and in many cases, heightened psychic abilities too.

This reading is a LIVE read, through a Zoom call or phone call whichever suits. This reading requires the complete attention of the querrent during the reading as they can connect to their reocrds too.

After you purchase, send specific questions to be answered. If you’ll like Paulami to guide you, then connect with her via the e-mail provided after the purchase.

She is quick to get back and will love to assist you in any way you want.

After the reading, if you still have questions pertaining to the reading, you can send them to Paulami and they are inclusive with this session.


We don’t spam you, nor we sell your information to anybody. At Soul-Innovations Studio, we’re a stickler of our  ethics.