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~ Paulami

3 Months Coaching Partnership


This Soul-Coaching helps you in changing the patterns and inner-grid for alleviating the Awakening Process. As you start with the right intention assisted by your energetic blueprint, powerful changes, maginization is a promise.

6 Months Coaching Partnership


6-months process is not only to release and decode your matrix, its also for finding your true passion from your Soul and determining how deep can it effect the world. Through this understanding a huge opportunity is seen and explored that you haven’t been able to earlier. 

Shifts & Manifestations

to cover during

3-months + 6-months


Personal Assessment fo your Soul Blueprint through Tarot, Intuitive Astrology, Numerology, Angelic Intermissions, Soul-Channelings.


Assessment of where you are now and which Future-Dimension you will like to make your reality.


Assessment of your Career, Relationships, Love Life, Finances, Health, Spirituality and every other aspect of life.


Every 10 day assessment of shifts, transformations with readings and one-on-one sessions.


Personalized Cosmic Code-Words every month (can change to every 10 days depending on the shifts happening).


Connecting to your Soul and Higher-Self for guidnace to surrender and living your dharma.


Hypnosys sessions, meditative visualizations, Akashic Record Journey’s curated for you.


In depth understanding of Laws, Planets, Deities, Angesl governing your life and how to make the best use of your Spirit-Team.


Healing (energy/magic/quantum therapy) for transformations & manifestation.


Ancestral reading and connection to find the middle ground.


Healing Ancestral and Blood-Line Karma and re-coding DNA for you and your future generations.


Working with your Soul-Vehicle (with 6-months Partnership).


Learn how to connect with your Monadic energy to live a life of true fulfillment and prepare your future for this lifetime (10-20 years) and the next (with 6-months Partnership).


Daily Ancestral Rituals for faster manifestation, healing (with 6-months Partnership).


Complete Roadmap of spiritual strategy and affirmative action for manifesting 1-2 years goals (with 6-months Partnership).


Soul Number or Sacred Soul Symbol for magic in your life’s journey (with 6-months Partnership).


All sessions are curated on the basis of your innere-matrix respones to your life experiences (covering Empaths+ Neurodivergence+ Physical restrictions).

Be the best self by releasing all challenges within your own matrix. Create a new world as you go on decoding what's unnecessarily toxic and recod the abundance factors in your energy DNA.

Transform persistent karmic-negative cycles. Activate your Abundance-Code as you connect and get guided by your own source.

Attract the right Love, relationships, as you understand and see the toxic ones and learn to let go in harmony & peace!

Your Investment

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Book a call to understand, know, ask questions, about the Soul Coaching (3 months and 6 months Partnbership).

Align to your Soul Energy for a life of fulfilment & Joy.

Law of Assumption, Law of Vibrations, Magic, Goddess-Self, Hypnotherpay, Energy Healing, Angelic Powers, Cosmic energy, everything is hidden within you.

You are a full package!!!

Laws to energy, power to spirit everything is you, in you, with you, for you.

Soul Coaching is a unique perspective healing & manifestation program which germninated through the innumerable higher dimensional downloads I had after my Near Death Experience.

I have been shared the powers and ability to detect, find, release and restore your divine capabilities, and this journey is a part of that Sacred Process.

I call it a partnership becasue you will be in true partnership with your Soul energy as you dive deeper into your own magical realms and know how to make them your reality.

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