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A unique Online Subscription-based Spiritual Magazine, providing platform to the Wellness Leaders to share articles and host classes & Sessions.



If you’re a Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Healer, Blogger, Vlogger, Practitioner in the field of spirituality, alternate wellness, and are looking for a platform with less competition and more visibility then join Decoding Wellness as a creator/contributor.

Most importantly if you see yourself as a Leader waiting to be discovered then this is your chance. We’re building something spectacular that doesn’t starts & stops with an e-magazine but is committed to provide you a platform to practice your art, craft, magic and be visible to the right audience.

What are we looking for?

We’re starting in April 2023, and looking for submissions in all categories of spiritual wellness/alternative wellness. 

At Decoding Wellness we’ll take care of the Magazine Cover, formatting, layout, editing, marketing & sales, advertising channels, dates of your class, emailing participants, emailing subscribers showcasing our teachers & contributors (you), so you can completely focus on your contribution, be it an article or a class.

The mission of Decoding Wellness is to expand the reach of Consciousness Leaders so they can impact others positively and have a platform that not only brings them to potential customers but also magnetize their Soul-Clients for them.

The time contributed towards all external activities to expand your reach, is taken care by the Decoding Wellness team, so you can solely focus on being the Leader that you are!!!




Reiki, Pranic, Crystal, Angel, Theta, Chigong, Quantum, Biofield, Chakra, EFT, Shamanic, Intuitive.


Activator, Breathwork mentor/coach, Shamanic Practitioner, NLP Coach, Mentor, Hypnotherapist, Business Mentor/Coach, psychotherapist, Neuroplasticity Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Mental-Health, Yoga.


Tarot Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Tea-Leaf/Coffee Reader, Human Design Practitioner, Human Design Teacher, Astrologer, Angel Card Reader, Channeling, Akashic Records Reader, Akashic Records Teacher.


Nutritional, Weight-Loss, Trauma and Grief, Stress & Anxiety Release, Relationship, Herbalism, Physiotherapy, Accupressure/Accupuncture, Ayurveda, Sound, Bach Flower, Art.


Life-Coach, Meditation, Bhuddism, Tao, Mindfulness, Soul Connection, Higher-Self, Higher Magic, Vedic Practices, Resonance, Timeline, Awakening, Dark-Night.


Kundalini Practice, Tantra, Tao, Vipassana, Dark-Night Navigation, Life-Purpose, Soul-Purpose, Spiritual Lifestyle, Psychic Power, Higher-Self Meditation, Higher-Self Practice.



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Nominal Fee of $77 applied for booking Magician slots.

5 Space/month, one person, one article-one course.

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Get your Article published.

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Nominal Fee applied for booking Monarch slot.

1 space/month.

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