Sista Creatives Rising: A Creative Invisibly Disabled Mother-Daughter Duo Rising Together Through the Chaos

How does one stand up again when as far as the eye can see, there’s nothing but rubble? What makes it possible to believe that a future of any kind is possible in a situation where you have a tumor wrapped around your spine, and you’re losing your mobility by the hour, feeling the coldness creep up your legs and torso? In a scenario like this, one’s feet are cemented in place, and every part of you is immobilised by the sheer volume of disaster that confronts you. What do you do at a juncture like this?

Although 2022 is when our lives combusted, little indicators here and there began in 2021. We launched the first iteration of “Art & Mind” on September 26th…….

It was a challenge to get people to take us seriously for something experimental and unestablished, to the point where some participants disappeared last minute, and one sexually harassed us…….

Being told I was at risk made my world stand still. I like to say it is the moment I arrived into ‘clarity’ closely followed by awareness, presence, acceptance, and gratitude. This is the personal system I developed over time to help me rise above the chaos, along with self-care teacher ….

I utilized this system and my Buddhist practice to navigate the most challenging moment of my life. It was as if I was riding an ocean wave that increasingly grew as I wobbled on its crest……

My cancer journey clarified my purpose….

Enough already!

I have met many people along the way who feel that there is not ‘enough’ for them. Enough food, enough love, enough warmth, enough to meet their needs. Is this something they have learned, been taught, inherited, or conditioned with?

In the labyrinthine corners of the universe, there is everything.

In the eternal heart of the divine, there is nothing but love and bliss……

It records everything that has kept our ancestors alive, positive, and negative. In the past these experiences didn’t tend to be edited, so we carried them down with us, valuing both the useful and the useless ones equally.

It’s not just us, research has confirmed mammals like mice remember traumatic threats and just need the trigger of an associated scent for their limbic system to kick off even when there is no parent mouse who could have taught them that through behavior.

My favorite is probably the one about the people who live today near what was the ancient North African power of Carthaginia and despite being a great economic power and having a general with the mad idea of invading Rome from the Alps using elephants as transport, were finally defeated by the Romans.

The Roman politician who had made it his single-minded endeavor to have them destroyed, repeated continually ‘Carthago delenda est’, meaning, Carthage must be destroyed, and ultimately it was……

How my Akashic Records Salvaged Me

Isn’t breaking patterns, painful? Yes, it certainly is, but it also has beauty, resilience, promise, hope, joy, and fulfillment.

I can go on & on, but the bottom line is, both of my Grandma’s were/are scared to death of being alone, were abused by their closest relatives, emotionally they remain unfulfilled and the people who should have been their backbone, were their challenges.

The trauma that we all went through in that previous lifetime manifested similarly, for all of us, but I’m privileged enough to break that pattern……

Being a psychic and a healer came in handy, as I was able to assimilate the powers of my previous lifetimes as a High Priestess in another timeline/dimension and a healer in Egypt. I was given this gift of understanding through my records of why things happened and what do I need to change within me……..

I’m sharing with you 2 ways to strengthen your inner-self in your brain & mind while visiting the records, so if you encounter a challenging situation from a past life, you will be able to heal faster from that dense energy….

The Age of Humanity, Unity & Community

As people begin to question themselves, they see that our government, education system, businesses, and economy are outdated for our new paradigm. It requires a new level of humanity, unity, and connection that has been lost.

They are asked to create a vision by tuning into their inner world and gathering as a collective to create a force for good, a human force, whose combined power can take the form of a movement….

Your ancestors want to say they are ‘sorry’….

A pain in the shoulders might indicate that you are carrying the heavy burden of enduring the pain and hardship of not being able to speak your truth or show your feelings in a past life as a healer, medicine woman, priestess, shaman, or spiritual community leader…..

When you release ancestral patterns, it clears the way for 7 generations back and seven generations forward……

Abundance Through Gratitude

A mindset of lack is essentially a mindset governed by fear. You may fear that what you desire you will never get, because you are undeserving, too greedy, not happy with what you have, want too much, have your dreams set too high, etc. That makes sense, right?

You should be happy with what you have and not thrive for greatness when there is no greatness in the cards for you.

Yeah, nice try….

How do you step into a mindset of abundance to receive everything you desire? You have to face your fears and push through any limiting beliefs you have. The greatest obstacle to overcome, however, is not a limiting belief – it is trauma.

Trauma is the greatest saboteur in your effort to live a life of abundance….

What does abundance means to you? Give this question some thought….

Here is a little experiment:

Every morning, right after you wake up, write down 5 things you are grateful for.

This is not as easy as it sounds…..

On Nihilism and the urgency of  Self-Awareness

I guess my internet persona can be partially defined (definitions are inescapable, after all) as a Tarot deck creator with a fidgety artistic streak…..

My perception of God (or the Divine, to adopt a more mainstream term in these godless times) is mediated by their absence in the dreariness of our high-tech addled brain, as well as in the proliferation of one-sided Spiritualism.

I do not hold any belief, unless for the short span of time needed to drain them of whatever the message they may convey and, use it to create something, be it a sketch, a mixed media doll, an etching, or an ink painting……

I have come to the conclusion, that the beauty of existence lies in its fleeting nature, like the distorted reflection on a running, raging body of water. In a nutshell, the reality is what we make of a lifetime of observation.

If we try to pin it down to the rationale of one belief system, we are just acting as a taxidermist faking life out of what originally were living beings….

The Magic Behind the Blue Door

From the age of 25 to 30, I poured extra hours into my job and had two investment properties to my name. Once again, the high achiever, but never satisfied, I still felt empty. But I had this constant calling and a burning desire to make an impact in the world. Or was it my great longing for love and the pursuit of happiness?

Were they tied together? I know I was meant to be more. But I was desperate to be FREE…..

I am critically unwell, unemployed, and facing the deepest despair. I still never gave up on my dreams and that’s where my partner came in…..

Over the next 5 years, working very hard, we were able to build a successful health & nutrition business, earning a multiple six-figure income working from home. It was tough, with lots of tears, frustrations, highs, and lows….

The Stigma Problem

You’re not killed, but you’re walking around with a colostomy bag, and that’s just not the way to get a girl’s attention by limping down Warsaw Avenue with a colostomy bag,” said Richardson…..

What makes people have this stigma about an ostomy that no one has ever asked for or wanted? What makes it ok for people to make fun of or say these mean things? The answer may lie because talking about stool is a taboo subject. No one wants to talk about it. It is considered gross…..

Jess Goodman started an organization called “Uncover Ostomy” to reduce the stigma of having a stoma, especially for younger ostomates. Her original campaign showed off her ostomy.

She posed nude with her pouching system in plain sight. Her social media is filled with photos of her and her ostomy. Jess has been an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. However, recently, her campaign no longer shows off the ostomy…..



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