Your Spirit-Guides are waiting to

Bring Your Visions to Life

Are you ready to awake from the lies your trauma-induced brain has led you to believe and move into the trusting & powerful presence of your Spirit-Guides for creating a life of joy & fulfillment?


Learn to know, use & follow your creative patterns for manifesting through Flow-Boarding.


Brand your creation with the energy of your Goddess-Self, so your visions aren’t subjected to useless outer manipulations.


Learn to communicate & magnetize with your Spirit-Guides through Flow-Boarding.

Most of us, haven’t yet recognized our power from being either a Seer, a Monk, a High-Priestess, or an energy leader from a different lifetime because of the trauma we have carried and even attracted in this life.

Our grief, the betrayal we have gone through or the abandonment we sensed & have carried, works in such a subtle way that we start recognizing procrastination, freeze or flight responses as our own rather than the trauma playing us & bringing in doom while blocking our blessings, until it’s too late.

Even with the right rituals, tools and practices we fall back on soul manifestation. Our brain can give us thousands of innane reasons why we aren’t manifesting, but until we use techniques that help us elevate our-self to our own unique power, nothing will be uselful.

Flow-Boarding is just the technique if you recognize your fears still blocking your true joy and fulfillment. This process will take your Vision Board to next level and help you explore your higher powers with grace.

Your personal manifesting partners AKA your Guides are waiting to give you exceptional success & joy.

Join them in this exploration.

WHEN: 6 pm Eastern on 20th June 2024

WHERE: From the comfort of your home, via Zoom

WHAT DO I NEED: A Pen/Pencil, Coloring Pens/Pencils Journal/Sheets, Your Beautiful Presence