We are not vision boarding for our goals, we are manifesting with it.

Curated specially for Lightworkers & Starseeds who are burdened by trauma and can’t seem to realize their full potential even after continuous healing.
Sign up for this Life Timee access online course to get clarity on who your Spirit Guides truly are, how can they help you with strategic aligned movement and inspired action, and see your life blossom from the FLOW BOARDING TECHNIQUE!!!
You aren’t here to lose to your trauma but triumphantly be the Warrior who wins them over.

It’s time to shed the Veil and Stand in your True Power!!!

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Life-Time Access + Free Additional Changes


The wounds (previous lifetimes & present) of a Lightworker and a Starseed keeps them in a limbo which doesn’t let them realize their full potential.

As a powerful Lightworker or SS, you have gone through intense trauma, abandonment and narcissistic wounds. You already know, the path for others don’t work for you.

Even with this if you have been hustling & wishing but somehow your self-sabotaging mechanism still has power over you and your life (not getting desired outcomes), then this is the right time to embrace your Spirit-Guides power through Flow Boarding.

The power of Flow Boards lays within your own system which refuses to resume its influntial (Divine
Matrix) presence because its so traumatized with the 3D reality that the fear has now become its way of life.

As a Lightworker & SS you have immense power and even if you know it, it has been pretty difficult to realize it until now.

Which is why the knowledge of, who your Spirit Guides truly are and how they work with unlocking your energy without giving power to the toxic, demonic system within, holds so much fruition to your life, and manifestations.

Flow Boarding isn’t just a Vision Board but a complete technique of effective practices that will bring tangible shifts within your inner-child dynamics, mirroring the chnages in the outer.

This is part of the Spirit-Guides Book “BEYOND the VEIL: Awaken the Eternal Bond with Your Spirit-Guides” and the upcoming Online Course with the same name.

Flow Board also takes care of the changes that will happen and the broadening of your horizons and dreams. This system works faster than you can anticipate and is a great foil to the power of your toxic system.

This will also help you be more conscious of your effort, the actions you are falling short of and will drice your ambition to inspired action.

I completely believe that Flow Board WILL change your life!!

I kknow its a pretty bold statement, but this isn’t something “not used & only boasted about”. This system was used by me when my inner-child was so scared that it won’t let me take even a single step towards my desires, it made me feel guilty, even ashamed of the abuse and wounds I have had.

I was heavily releasing the system so I can always be my authentic self, but every month my inner-child will create issues with my life bringing me back to square one.

Our brain can create situations that can stop our progress and create stagnancy. Like the PLACEBO EFFECT, when the brain drives with our believes, it creates and changes situations. Harvard Health Publishing writes,

The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-called placebo effect — and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments.”

When your brain believes in something, it creates it!!!

Flow Board makes sure that our brain isn’;t driven by our toxic belief system of 3D, but is connected & working with our Superconscious mind for creating our new reality.

The Flow Board Process

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PRICE $55 

Life-Time Access + Free Additional Changes

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