Let your Goddess Cycle drive Manifestation & Self-Care


At this time when our world is shifting into a totally new dimension; doubts, fears and negative belief of the unknown can become our shackle. Since times of uncertainty are those times when our potential to work on our dharma & our best-life is the highest, so is the potential of activating & connecting to our highest potential self which we also know as the Goddess-Self.

You may have had a sudden awakening, or there may have been a sudden massive shift in your internal system and you feel your DNA transforming and merging with a new reality. Although you may not know right away what it means, you are anticipating good even amidst all the scares.

If this awakened Woman is you then you are at the right portal of clarity, understanding, manifestation. This journal is specially for your unique energy.

For thousands of years we’ve held the Moon Goddess with reverence, love, respect and gratitude, for all She can drive in our life and in this World. While this have been quite fruitful, it has also become a norm to consistently forget the Goddess Self that remained dormant within each woman.

Did you know, during the golden ages, the female monthly cycle was a sacred time of the month and every woman had a special place to live, secluded from others, so her sacred energy wasn’t contaminated and her release was fruitful?

In the later years of Kali-Yuga, it became an idea of oppressing the inner-power of women and their Goddess potential simply because the uninformed and scared male dominant society feared that this great power can harm them and topple their supremacy.

But as we move along the ascending Dwapara Yuga (Aquarian Age), we’re again given this opportunity to explore, activate and connect to the power within our cycles, the same as the Moon Goddess.

This cycle as we all know is simple yet so magical that when a woman wants, she can birth a human through this system and no other miracles of modern science has been able to achieve this feat.

Does this cycle only works with birthing a human?

The ultimate truth is that this female Goddess Cycle has one of the most potent powers to create and birth (manifest) anything with ease & grace, which was a threat to the male-dominated society. The brainwashing of this sacred system of manifestation was done as thoroughly as possible and that’s why there’s so much shame, irritation & fear attached to the cycle that we go through.

This cycle was also the initial root of the sex magic used in ancient India when Sanatan Dharma was practiced as a spiritual artform and not the blatantly cruel Hinduism religion of suppression and egotistical supremacy!!! This is also something we have learned in the dan Brown book, where this same sacred tantra was practiced in Christianity.

This lost form of attaining the highest self and bringing the higher frequency to this dimension is slowly coming back as is the knowledge of our own supreme archetype, the Goddess-Self.

This journal is attuned with the same energy & power.

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