Please read the details below before you proceed.



The course/session that you offer should have all the necessary rights. We take issues with copyright very seriously so remember to have content that is strictly by you. If you’re using someone else’s course, you must share credit with them and if & when felt necessary a written permission may be requested.

If a teacher/coach uses someone else’s trademarked term/practice, then Decoding Wellness will pull out the material, they won’t be compensated and the participant’s will get a refund.


If your course material, meditation, visualization, or article covers sensitive and triggering topics like depression, eating disorders, and the likes, we require that you place a “trigger warning” note at the end of the article, and at the beginning of the audio or lecture during live sessions.

Furthermore, reminders to exercise necessary caution and steps to ensure safety and health, like avoiding driving or operating of heavy machinery, should also be included in the guidelines and description when necessary.

To make sure that Decoding Wellness remains a place of refuge, we refrain from accepting content that deals with or contains any of the following topics.

Overtly sexual

Sexuality plays a huge role in achieving overall well-being. However, until we put appropriate filters for tracks that are sexual in nature, contain sexual references, have sexual undertones, and/or are sexually suggestive, we shall refrain from accepting such.

Hyper-Political, Hate Speech, & Explicit Language

Content that promotes, bashes, and discredits specific organizations or movements will not be accepted. Topics like this may be divisive and polarizing to a general audience. We also do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination of any kind.

Tracks with explicit language may be accepted if it is within the context and not used profusely. A disclaimer/warning in the description is also required.

Conspiracy Theory

We believe in the highest Supreme intelligence who/which governs the entire cosmos, including everything from politics, social agendas, to our body. We don’t believe in Conspiracy theories which is a form of victimization and nullifying the presence of the Supreme Intelligence.

Techniques of Hypnosis in articles

We believe hypnosis should be practiced only in a safe environment, preferably in a face-to-face setting with a trained practitioner. You can include hypnosis in your live course sessions, but not in articles. Kindly refrain from teaching hypnosis in articles.

References to Use of Substances

We prohibit content that references, promotes, encourages, or implies the use of drugs, alcohol, or any state-altering substances.

Money-making Programs & Financial Services

We do not accept content that deals with, promotes, sells, or offers any financial services. This includes crypto-currencies, insurance, multi-level marketing, investment plans, wealth management, and others.


Discussing the topic of suicide may be triggering to some of our more vulnerable users. Therefore, until measures that will safeguard user well-being and safety are in place, we will not be accepting such content.

Children voices

Although we appreciate the Parents & teachers who have programs for children and share the mindfull, healthy practices with children, however we do not accept photos/audios/videos that include children or children’s voices.

Image Requirements & Technical Specifications for Courses/Articles

The image requirements below ensure a consistent and harmonious tone across Decoding Wellness e-magazine & platform.

We want to make this space visually appealing, so you want to make sure your article stands out with a beautiful image, is clean, simple, and easy to understand, and where possible, identifies with your brand too.

We recommend using, clean, warmer, minimalistic, bold, and compelling images that generate positive emotions in your audience.

Think about the topic you are sharing and make sure there is a connection between it and your selected image. Consider using keywords, such as your audio’s benefit, origin, type of practice, and so on when searching for the right image. Images build connections, make sure the image you use serves also as a tool to connect to your target audience.

Your article or course ads should have accompanying images with high-resolution (not blurry) with at least 1600×1600 pixels, and a maximum file size of 20MB. Content with images less than this size will not be approved.

You either must own the rights to your article or course’s images or it must be royalty-free and in the public domain. Shall the need arises, we may require proof of ownership/permission.

Here are some suggestions for sites providing royalty-free images:




The paid websites where you can source high-quality images too:


Adobe Stock



Images should not be black & white, or with white backgrounds. Preferably use natural light and colors. Please refrain from using unnatural-looking filters.

Feel welcome to use a high-resolution image of yourself that will transmit a sense of welcome, grounding, and warmth. Please note that selfies are not allowed.


Images should not have logos or text overlaid on them. Logos include any graphics, clipart, and any additional elements, frames, or overlays that are not original to the photo.

Images must be uplifting and inspirational. Images must not contain nudity, be sexually suggestive, or depict any violence.

If the accompanying image submitted does not adhere to our requirements, we reserve the right to reject the track until these are met.

Teacher Profile Requirements

Before proceeding with sending your content (article and course details), contributors must adhere to the guidelines.


Your profile photo must be a high-quality portrait (head to-torso).

Headshots for MAGICIAN should be not more than 500 X 500 pixels.

For Monarch the shot will be the cover pic, so it should be 2,560 x 1,600 pixels.

The maximum file size should be 20 MB. Make sure that the focus is on your face and that there’s enough space above your head so it will look good on the e-magazine, in yur ads as well as Social Media posts. It must be well-lit, not at an awkward angle, not overly edited or heavily filtered, and not depict nudity or violence. No black-and-white images, and no selfies, please. No busy backgrounds or plain white/plain black backgrounds, too. It also must not have any text or borders. Please also make sure it’s a photo of just yourself and not with a pet, with your significant other, with your kid/s, or with any other people. Here are some sample headshot references below.


Your Bio is a place for you to tell listeners about yourself and your practice. Please make sure it is written in the third person, and keep it between 200 and 400 characters (about 60-80 words) with web link. Do not use emojis and/or all caps.


When submitting your idea for the course, please share your accreditations or qualifications related to your field.

All these requirements must be met before we start placing your Course ads in various platforms.

Infringement of or non-compliance with any of the above may result in rejection or delay in publishing.

Requirements and Guidelines for sharing a Course with Wellness Decoded

Courses are a great way to share more of your work and build a community around your services, and for our building network to go in-depth in teachings that complement their practice.


At Wellness Decoded we’re looking for Coaches/Teachers who want to be LIVE with their teachings for their participants. This will build trust, bonhomie, and community as well as give them the repute that they are looking for.

During these LIVE SESSIONS the Coach/Teacher must share their best self to the participants and be compassionate and kind with their words, gestures and teachings.

The videos can’t be pre-recorded as we are preferring LIVE sessions as of now, but you can provide e-book, pdf’s, audios to your audience/participants after your LIVE session is over and mention these details to them at the start of the session.


    Before sharing a course, please make sure you have the relevant qualifications, accreditations, or expertise to support the topic you will be covering.
    If possible during the ad of your course share a short audio describing the benefits of your course or a short visualization or meditation teaser from your course content. During your course, you can also recommend participants listen to some of your free practices to integrate these teachings and skills from your course into their everyday lives.
    Please make sure you have shared your stripe/paypal account details with us.

We reserve the right to reject any courses that do not meet any of the above requirements.


  • Decoding Wellness courses must include a written title and a description, with an appealing image.
  • Every course’s curriculum should have own written titles and descriptions shared with us.
  • At the end of each Live lesson, the coach/teacher is required to share a survey form (provided by Decoding Wellness) or ask the participants to share their view of the course. This will help their practice further.
  • Each LIVE session will be an interactive classroom where teachers can respond using audio or text.


As premium offerings, your audio files for courses must be in mp3 format and studio quality. We strive to keep not only the content quality thoughtful and well-crafted but the audio quality as well as part of our promise to the participants. And since courses are paid products, typically users are also more discerning of the overall quality of content. Kindly ensure that there is little to no extra noise in your recordings like objects falling, dogs barking, people talking in the background, footsteps, and similar external sounds. This will also help your course get better ratings and reviews.

A typical meditation/technique/visualization should not range more than 15-20 minutes. But can be flexible depending on your course structure.

The quality of your services will also determine your presence, so use it to your benefit!

If adding background music to your audios, please make sure you own the copyrights or you are using royalty-free music.


Please make sure your selected image meets our requirements.


Every course has a featured LIVE Session which will be interactive, so participants can ask questions.

Kindly dedicate around 15 minutes to respond to course questions and reviews. Checking the chat box in between lessons and encouraging participants to ask their questions will put you ina good stride with your participants and can benefit in the long-term success of your course.


We take issues with copyright very seriously. Before you share your course, make sure it complies to our copyright guidelines shared in the first half of this page.


Our intention at Decoding Wellness is to help Coaches/ teachers earn meaningful revenue from their work. This is made possible through the following ways:

  1. Individual Course Sales
  2. Donations (if any)


It’s possible for teacher/coaches to receive donations from their participants. There will be three donation amounts available: US$2.99, US$6.99, and US$20.99.

The teacher/coach will receive 80% of the revenue while Decoding Wellness gets 20% to maintain the platform seamlessly.

Let’s say you receive a donation of US$20.99. You will receive 80% of this which is US$16.79.

Final Split:

Decoding Wellness (20%): US$4.19

Teacher/Coach (80%): US$16.79.


Courses will be made available to the participants on our website, and ads will be placed at various platforms to attract your right clients.

The teacher/Coach will receive 50% of the revenue per course (50/50 Split) after the platform fee of 4% is added to the cost of your course and has been considered.

For example, for a course that costs US$33.99, the 4% platform Fee is US$1.35. So ultimately, Decoding Wellness receives US$32.64. This will then be split 50/50. The teacher/coach will then get US$16.32 for every individual sale.

The breakdown is as follows:

Course Price: US$33.99
Less 4% platform Fee: US$1.35
Net Earnings: US$32.64

Final split:
Decoding Wellness (50%): US$16.32
Teacher/Coach (50%): US$16.32


Our payment cycle for Teachers/Coaches will be monthly as we’ll like to take into consideration the donations received too. “Monthly means” within the month of the Live Session if it happens in the 1stor 2nd week of a month, but if the Live session is scheduled and done in the 3rd or 4th week of a month, the Teacher/Coach will receive the payment within the 15th of the next month.

If the payment day falls on a non-working day, the payment will be received on the next working day.

If as a Teacher/Coach your income is not more than $10.00, then we have to wait for your courses next cycle to complete the payment, as the transfer fee and maintenance fee will not allow us to proceed with this number.

When you provide us your payment details, we will share with you the form you need to fill up so we can proceed with your payment.



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