To all the fierce and determined Female Spiritual/Soul Coaches, Mentors, Healers, you are on the right path of your Dharma.

This is the way, this is your way and you’re here to rise & shine!!!!

You listened to your heart and followed your purpose. You’re now a Soul/Spiritual Coach, Healer, Mentor dreaming of slaying the market with your knowledge and the willing to do good attitude.

But now, rather than creating freedom, you feel stuck, overwhelmed, burntout and have started doubting your decision.

Well first things first, don’t ever doubt yourself.

You did the right thing, you answered the call and that is commendable and something to celebrate every single day.

When you transitioned, from your job or another business to this specific niche’, the first thing you need to know is even when your heart says a big YES, your subconscious is paying the heavy-handed game here and is straight up saying NO with each rejection you face, with nothing turning up for you even after sharing so much through Social Media.

And then there is this dilemma of getting into those classes that will teach you the “right way” to advertise or to attract clients.

Does this means becoming a coach, energy consultant, mentor or healer means endless courses to master before we start attracting prosperity?

Better not, because we have the right way and we alredy know it. You can crack the code of success only when you work with your own inner code of success, prosperity and abundance. You don’t have to go through 10o different courses to nail it. Only a few practices that completely vibe with you will do the thing.

And that’s what ” Law of Attraction” talks about, creating that deep-well of attraction within us, so nothing is missed!!!

Nothing changes,

when nothing changes.

~ Donna Barnes

It’s not about what you don’t know, it’s about what you have missed. If your calling is for the higher good of the Earth & humanity, then there WILL BE challenges starting from the first point of a secured life, your finances. When you’ve a greater calling, you also have gone through a severe social conditioning that you may be totally unaware about.

Great Masters have told us over & over again, to not forget our own inner-world because that’s where the illusionary Maya resides, and is sure to give more pain than joy if we don’t know and haven’t really worked with our story.



The first and foremost secret to changing our story, is to know the aspect of work which is quite lost to us, because we want something manifested quickly and forget that since we’ve already taken up our dharma, the righteous path to living a fulfilling life, our shadows will need acknowledgment and work.

When we leave that part to chance and want to attract by burning our precious chi-energy (with constant posts, money drained in useless ads, worrying about why things aren’t happening) and ultimately deciding its not for us, which creates another cycle of burnout, we’re living a false upleveling.

We want not just a new direction, but a new life, a new lifestyle. This is the main reason we’re here today and is the main reason why many successful people around the World use powerful secret Eastern energy medicine for their happiness.

Meet Paulami.

Paulami is the founder of Soul-Innovations Studio and has been a healer since 3 past-lives, including being a High-Priestess in Lemuria, Healer in Egypt and a Monk in India during vedic times. She has achieved miraculous results healing herself from partial paralysis after the head injury due to accident and near-death experince, survived deep depression and suicidal tendencies during her dark-night, abuse and chaotic release of conditioning during her awakening.

Her own work has helped her, guided her and has supported her to an abundant life as a Soul-Coach & a Healer who has the gift of unearthing superpowers for her clients, which simply translates to slaying all challenges and manifesting fast.

Paulami has manifested her wealth without burnout and is on to bigger projects as her Higher-Self instructs.

From HR to Business Owner wasn’t a smooth transition for her and she believes that the first step to better life always starts with changing our Root center which is the ground we build our life up on.

Lets jump right into our secret formula.

This is a simple first step towards slaying the power within you and having the money you want to further your life and business.

This is the simplest formula, one of those secrets of Energy World which has always been shared like a half-truth.

The Universal Check, isn’t just a check but a magical formula when not used right can only give you temporary relief in attracting your desired prosperity.

But if you want to WIN not only today or tomorrow but to create lasting wealth, then use it in this amazing formula we call the  “Prosperity Check Formula”.

This is a check which comes along with a sacred prosperity symbol, the secret number to the money vault of the Universe and the meditative journey to retrieve your abundance.

This is also the first step to healing our shadows without being confrontational.


Why do you think, so much symbolism is used in higher magic?

Why do you think there is so much symbolism hidden in the logos of some of the most successful companies around the World?

What is the reason, mystics knew the diameter as well as the distance between Sun and Earth and used that number as a code to unlock huge potential?


It is the same reason we’ve used to create and develop this formula coded with mystical numbers and symbols.


What do you get?

A Prosperity check

You can use this downlodable Prosperity Check as much as you want. Keep some prints handy so whenever you need they are there.

The Prosperity Check Formula e-book

This e-book will help you to understand this formula, so when using the Check you know extactly where to focus for specific outcomes.


The meditation is to enhance the accuracy of manifesting through this Check. If you do it regualarly over time it will expose the deeper challenges and powers your inner-matrix is coded with.

Sacred Symbol

This is an unique addition so you may connect with your highest prosperity codes!! This symbol is simply an Angelic Energy of Divine Feminine Code of creation which allows your aura to be more magnetic.

This formula is also that first step to activate your DNA prosperity code. As this meditation leads us into one of the most healing journey without overwhelming us, it also opens and synchronizes the portal to your Abundance Spirit, which is most of the times lost to even daily practitioners, simply because we don’t have slightest idea about this powerful being accompanying us.

What are you manifesting?

Through this Prosperity Check Formula you’re,


# Creating everlasting connection to your Soul energy-coded Abundance Retreat.

# Creating & synchronizing a portal to a new timeline.

# Learning to let your body embody this new truth.

# Changing the neural pathway of failure, fear, doubt to abundance, success, joy.

# Aligning your Nervous System to this new truth, which brings sudden powerful opportunities to drive money-results.

# Re-coding your karmic subconscious patterns of scarcity, fear and dimensional limitness.



This Workshop of a value of $77 is shared free with you. This is where you discover & learn about your personal Prosperity Code numbers and Sacred Symbol. You will channel, create and learn the most powerful way of embodying your highest Prosperity Potential.

And there is much more to find out about your Soul’s power of Abundance.


Get this unique Formula now at a SALE PRICE!!!

Recession always works best for Coaching & Wellness Industry, be it personal or global. Don’t let your scarcity conditioning fool you.

Do the right thing now!!!