2024 Magnetizing Prosperity Free Webinar
Join Paulami, Quantum Soul Coach channeling her lifetime wisdom as an Egyptian High-Priestess and your Soul-Team for opening your Abundance Portal within your own system!

USA: 15th March at 12.30 pm EST/ 6.30 am PST

UK: 15th March at 05.30 pm

Move Beyond Trauma & Grief

Claim, Accept & Heal your Money Blocks


Learn Powerful Ancient Manifesting Practices

Discover & De-Code your Highest Abundance Potential


Free Virtual Masterclass

15th March 2024


In this unique Free Masterclass/ Challenge you’ll learn:

What is your money-block hidden within your inner-child (nervous system) & how to share your acceptance, love & healing with them.

Why knowing your energy on all levels works better than just “mindset change”.

How to use scientifically proven techniques with a wo-wo system that works tremendously.

How to stop the roller-coaster journey of highs & lows with manifesting money and create an efficient continious cycle of abundance.

And so much more!!!

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Release your money-blocks


Align to your most prosperous Self

Did you ever stop to think that the road to riches might not just be paved with hard work and luck? There’s an ancient secret, a process to be precise, that has the power to elevate your power so much that you dictate the effects of trauma or past abuse to create financial glory. Yes, it’s true.

Nothing in the physical world comes into existence without first germinating in our thought. Financial Abundance is no exception to this. Before you can magnetize & garner wealth, you must know how to cultivate the power inherent within your system & the right process to summon and multiply it.

Acc/to Quantum Physics, at the core of everything, even matter itself, lies energy. Ancient philosophers and modern quantum physics merge on this truth that energy molds the physical world. Wealth itself is nothing else but another manifestation of energy.

No wonder why the widely spread idea of overlooking our trauma and abuse and just hustling to magnetize abundance doesn’t work!! It’s not only outdated, but also wasn’t ever used in any kind of ancient mystical traditions.

No wonder why we always fall short of our expectations. Our investments, savings, side hustle, can’t do it for us as we keep on accruing debt due to “important expenses”.

If you have been there and done that, put in your best efforts and time and energy, but still there wasn’t any long term good effect, then know its not your issue to live with.

This cycle of lack isn’t about you not being good enough or your efforts not being useful or that you lack talent, or you can’t sell, or that you haven’t got any ability. This cycle persistes in your life becase you are missing this one piece in the puzzle, which is getting your shadows aligned with your light!

Most of the times, we aren’t aware of a socially conditioned belief, or our toxic attachment to money or the trauma we suffered was running the game, and not us.

The toxic money pattern may even be of your blood-line, or ancestors or the society you live in, which over the years you have carried along and now it’s more powerful as the experiences we can’t let go (abuse, trauma) pairs along to create a false world you were never meant to live.


What you get when you join,

  • A Session dedicated to both healing & learning
  • Access to Replays
  • A 15-mins Intuitive Channeling for your Finances/Work/Business (only for participants who join us LIVE)
  • More Support with upcoming Special Events
The same factor that have challenged your trust on magnetizing money, also affects the way you attract opportunities. If you have been in situations where you couldn’t tap into the right opportunity even when you had a feeling it’s round the corner, or when you met the right client but couldn’t place yourself as their prospective business, or when you gave your everything to a job, yet the come back (appraisal or recognition) was lacklustre at its best, that’s how the hidden system working agianst you.

Are you sure, its always about the person not getting you, or the timing not being right? Because those are the excuses for building our walls higher up, supporting our inner challenges so even when we’re magnetizing abundance, there’s always something to bar it!!

Which is the reason why we should always be in our warrior-magician archetype who knows where to tap into our body-thoughts-beliefs to disemble every strong wall of resistance through these discoveries.

You have a Vault of everlasting Wealth.

It’s time you access it!!

Join Paulami on 15th March 2024, 12.30 PM Eastern Time, to experience this unique & beautiful class of Magnetizing Prosperity Healing Masterclass, and find instant shifts in your energy!!

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