Magnetizing Prosperity Healing Masterclass

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Learn Prosperity Body-Scan

Our body is a powerhouse and we’ll be exploring our body to seek answers to our money challenge and magnetizing money.

Connection to the Prosperity Spirit

Connection with the Spirit/Soul our Prosperity is important when it comes to maintaining wealth, long-term. We’ll explore it in this session.

Learn the Porsperity Symbol

With the “Prosperity Check Formula” we already have a powerful symbol at hand. We’ll learn to release our challenges magnetizing Prosperity through this symbol.

Healing Meditation

The link to the Healing Meditation, which will be used in the session we’ll be shared with you.

The widely spread idea of overlooking our challenges and just hustling to magnetize abundance is not only outdated, but also wasn’t ever used in any kind of spiritual traditions.

No wonder why we always fall short of our expectations when we thought we were taking care of both the physical as well as energy side of money. Our investments, savings, extra work, can’t do it for us as we keep on accruing debt and debt due to one or the other important expenses.

If you have been there and done that, put in your best efforts and time and energy, but still there wasn’t any long term good effect, then know its not your own issue. Don’t think you are not good enough or your efforts aren’t useful or that you lack talent, or you can’t sell, or that you haven’t got any ability, because it’s not true!

What’s happening is that the same old cycle is repeating itself, because we haven’t changed our true challenge into opportunity, the challenge that comes from our belief, thoughts and emotions we attach to prosperity.

Most of the times, we don’t even know a belief exsisted, a toxic attachment to money was created because of this hidden belief and that’s what is running the game, not us. Trust me when I say that this belief might not even be yours.

Autobiography of an Yogi, Alchmey of the Soul and many more books talk about how we get affected by thoughts of others even when we havn’t met the person. We’re all connected to each other and recently in 2015 NASA discovered this truth.

Which is why when I say that the toxic money belief that you’ve may be of your blood-line, or ancestors or even the society you live in, trust me its true.


The same factor that have challenged your trust on magnetizing money, also affects the way opportunities come to you. If you have been in situations where you couldn’t tap into the right opportunity even when you had a feeling it’s round the corner, or when you met the right client but couldn’t place yourself as their prospective business, or when you gave your everything to a job, yet the come back (appraisal or recognition) was lacklustre at its best, its the hidden system working agianst you.

Are you sure, its always about the person not getting you, or the timing not being right? Because those are the excuses for building our walls higher up, supporting our inner challenges so even when we’re magnetizing abundance, there’s always something to bar it!!

Which is the reason why we should always be in our warrior-magician archetype who knows where to tap into our body-thoughts-beliefs to disemble every strong wall of resistance through these discoveries.

For Your everlasting


Join Paulami on 25th March 2023, 10.00 am Eastern Time, to experience this unique & beautiful class of Magnetizing Prosperity Healing Masterclass, and find instant shifts in your energy!!

How It Works


Connect to your Prosperity Presence/Spirit-Partner

Work with them without overwhelming yourself.


Be clear on what you want to magnetize this year

Constantly release challenges blocking your manifestation.


Learn Symbol Activation

Let this sacred geometry of the Cosmos work with you.


Learn to Receive

Let go of the toxic world of blockages and invite prosperity.

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