Our purpose, the dharma, our Soul’s desire, and prosperity are one and the same. When we stop believing all those societal prejudices & judgement about money, we embark on a journey of unlimited abundance.

We as humans who are the Soul-light are internally wired to express our true-self, even with prosperity, we can reach our highest potential with much ease and grace when we start a new relationship with money, our prosperity quotient.

This FREE gift of Prosperity will help you realise how your aligned inner-energy can create opportunities for you to manifest your financial goals.

The Prosperity Check is a Universal Check which you can use as many times you want, and comes with the manifesting power of an “abundance symbol” by Ganesha, and uses the right words and numbers to triggers the right brain activity in releasing challenges created due to fears and unnecessary doubts.

This gift also has a guidance e-book “The Prosperity Check Formula” and a powerful meditation to assist you infusing the energy of this formula the right way.

What does it looks like to work with Paulami.

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