Past-Life Reading & Vow Release with Akashic Records


In the past many lifetimes ago, “healers” & “nature worshippers” had to live lives hidden away from mainstream society because of the taboo attached to them. Many served us who are on a journey of discovering the spiritual paths have come from those times of difficulties, and we have had vocations that may have meant being in servitude in places of worship or spiritual practices. Also, many of us have had a lifetime where we were persecuted and executed for our beliefs and conducts.

In those times, the vows helped us remain focus on our path, keeping us safe from unwanted attention and helped us survive.

But now, those attachments, those vows have become our barrier because we bare living in a different timeline while still carrying those wounds with us. These vows and sufferings which have become a roadblock to our sharing our gifts to the World have to be released!

This session is about all that and more.

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