Sacred Channelling LIVE Session


These readings use the power of your Soul through Paulami’s channelling, and are pretty special reads. It started when Paulami gave herself one, which changed her perspective & brought the clarity she had been waiting for, since couple of years. These are profound reads!

This reading is also karma-releasing with your soul-symbol shared with you, that you will be able to use in every aspect of your life, and whenever, wherever you need change. You will be provided detailed informations about your career, finances, love, relationships, success, manifestations and all other aspects of life. This sacred session will help you be divinely guided by your Soul not only during the session but several days afterwards!!!

This special session needs Paulami to prepare 20 mins. before the session starts, so she can have easy access without time taken in connection.

This is an hour & more, LIVE session via Zoom, and needs you to be on camera while Paulami guides you through the connection. . The pre-live session starts 20 mins before Paulami joins you at your given time. You need to be alert, aware, and in a mode of gratitude while at the session. Be receptive & open to any message, visions, sound, you may connect during this profound session.