Soul Coaching -6 Months Coaching Partnership


A 6-months Partnership is for all who have what you now perceive as “big” dreams and almost feels like out of reach. If you’re a visionary, a leader and people are yet to know about your magical self, and then you have this amazing dream which you know is driven by your Soul to create and be something powerful yet amazing, then this mentorship is for you.

6 months coaching is the right one to c hose if you have had difficult past, abusive relationships, imposter syndrome, loads of self-doubts and self-esteem issues, difficult relationships with your Parents, siblings and Partners, yet you know you’re build for something grand!!! This conviction even if it feels scary is what keeps you going and you know you’re here to make it, then let your Higher-Self take over, let both of you become a powerful invincible team so within a year your life is turned around completely and ia a massive abundance production.

If you’re feeling this strong Soul pull and you want to live an amazing life not just a comfortable one then join Paulami now!!!


Energy can’t be compartmentalized, although we do it all the time, but in the frequency of higher-reality, it never works.

The main aim of this coaching is to release all veils hidden or otherwise, all negative vows, all limiting belief system, all diseased matrix from your system forever, so that you’re free to live your best life, realize your highest potential and use your own power of sovereignty and that which comes from you being that unlimited self!!!!


The Healing aspect of this Soul-Coaching is inclusive of inner-child work, shadow-work, working with our Astral world as well as our higher mental reality to help you in gaining back your inner-power, connecting to your Infinite-Self and manifesting it in your day-to-day 3D-Reality, while the Manifesting aspect is to not only create a new life in your mind & energy but on this plane of reality for you.