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Prosperity Check

The Prosperity Check Formula
Formula to enhance Prosperity
Added Benefits with the Check to work miracles
Healing the blockages without overwhelming you

Claim your Abundance!!

We at Soul-Innovations Studio took a step further to deliver the promises of a Prosperity Check, by changing it with a valid technique of manifestation, derived from the Law of Attraction- Angelic Numbers – Sacred Symbol -Color Triggers.
Colors triggers for our Heart, Pineal, Pituitary and the Crown.
Six combination of numbers are used which corresponds to the Cosmic Spirits of Angels, and is your prosperity vault code.
Visualization is used as a trigger by the cosmic numbers, the wordings in the check & is a part of the meditation provided.

Using Sacred Symbol takes this prosperity tool  from an ordinary run-of-the-mill prosperity tool to a high vibe, result-oriented, active piece of device.

What do you get?

A Prosperity check

You can use this downlodable Prosperity Check as much as you want. Keep some prints handy so whenever you need they are there.

The Prosperity Check Formula e-book

This e-book will help you to understand this formula, so when using the Check you know extactly where to focus for specific outcomes.


The meditation is to enhance the accuracy of manifesting through this Check. If you do it regualarly over time it will expose the deeper challenges and powers your inner-matrix is coded with.

Sacred Symbol

This is an unique addition so you may connect with your highest prosperity codes!! This symbol is simply an Angelic Energy of Divine Feminine Code of creation which allows your aura to be more magnetic.

Invite to a FREE Prosperity Session

If you’re interested in furthering your Prosperity journey without pressure, anxiety, worry then this session is definitely for you. This is a free session where Paulami guides you through the process of detecting your hidden blocks & handholds you through the process of using this Formula to release the challenges.

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“Prosperity Check Formula”

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