Activate your Soul-Mate Code with your Soul.

Are you ready to activate your Soul-mate connection with your Soul for an exponential Quantum Jump?

QUANTUM SOUL COACHINGTM is for the Woman who is ready to massively shift their life, manifest “more” in every aspect and create a life that is worth living on their terms!!


Who this Coaching is for?

You know you are a unique energy blueprint and special in the regard that nobody else in this World has the same as you, so generalized options don’t work on you.

You know you are highly sensitive and want to create a practice that will help you make your sensitivity a super-power while manifesting your Soul’s desires.

You know your destiny is different because it doesn’t stop at the Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration for you, as your Soul has carved a destiny for you unique and unchartered, that only you can conceive and manifest.

You always have difficulty with close relationships, in your personal (Parents. Siblings, bff’s, relatives) as well as your Workplace (immediate Superior, team, colleagues). However much of a hard worker, gentle, kind, & proactive you are; nothing seems to work in your relationships.

You have tried and tested all the formulas thrown out there, but nothing has worked for you on a long-term basis, as if your Soul was trying to point to you a new course, a new direction, but you haven’t been able to fathom it, yet.

If those “get quick rich manifestation schemes” reeks of just that, ego-based sales approach to you and haven’t worked.

QUANTUM SOUL COACHINGTM is for anyone ready to dive in and experience huge shifts and exponential growth by activating their Soul-mate connection with their Soul with this unique first-of-a-kind one-on-one mentoring session.

Works for every area of your life and isn’t a greedy, ego-based get-rich manifesting scheme because there’s a lot of work that our energy needs to truly activate our soul-mate connection, so there isn’t any scarcity, deprivation of any form in our life whichever aspect it may be. This is a flourishing scheme of Soul, we are working with.



What are we working with?

We will connect to our soul wisdom for everything and anything that may come through a soul guide or the more popular term being Spirit guide or through your bodies shamanic experience of your soul’s aspect, we will learn how to discern the voice of the ego, the noises from other people and that of our soul.

This program is a holistic approach so it’s just not the intuitive guidance you get, but we strive for aligned action as we need tangible results visible in 3d reality. We will convert the guidance into your unique soul-practices and lead you to understand how these practices can translate into different aspects into your 3D world.

All the soul-channeled messages, support, guidance, and energy healing/ practices, meditation et all is uniquely tailored for you covering every aspect of your spiritual presence, career, relationships, health, life purpose and your soul-mate relationship with your Soul.

This isn’t a hit-or-miss workshop here, where you have hard time piecing everything together, but a unique experience that will make everything you went through in your life come together.

If you’re ready to release and heal childhood trauma & pain, past life wounds that have kept you stuck, then join me.

If you want to live consistently in a high-vibe relationship with your Soul so, you are able to navigate all the curveballs and challenges life throws at you gracefully then this amazing program is for you.

If you want to connect to an extraordinary, destined path done for you in healing, connection, empowerment, and consistent, reliable support from someone who is your channeled Soul Guide, then this extraordinary way to work with your Soul is for you. 

Your Soul is waiting for you to activate their Soul-Mate connection. Will you? 

12 Weeks of Immersive Activation of Soul Relationship


You will learn to understand the destructive and the constructive phases of your Shakti & Shiva, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and how to benefit from them.


You will learn to tap into the Soul energy to get answers, using various tools designed just for your creative life process.


You will learn to understand & heal your relationships with money, prosperity, wealth and recode any & all negative patterns, beliefs, karma-matrix that are preventing you from acquiring generational wealth and money.


You will learn to tap into the Soul-Mate relationships by calling back parts of your soul that has been lost in trauma, or abuse, of any kind in this or any other lifetime. You will also develop a healthy relationship with your Ancestors and learn how to recode the curse that you are bearing because of their actions.


You will learn to assimilate all your dharma into one life purpose, gain clarity and know how to always have clarity with your Soulmate right there with you. We will also create a chart of your life for 6 months, a year or 5 years (depending upon your choice) and learn how to create that chart into viable life shifts and manifestation.


You will learn to go deep with your Soul-Mate and uncover hidden truths masked by your karmic matrix, which may have thrown surprising curve balls into your path. Having a relationship with your Superconscious will also help in deciphering your subconscious for your continuous growth & success in this life time.


You will learn all the hidden secrets of manifestation preserved in your matrix and how to know and work with them. You will indulge in Chakra Flow, Breathwork, hypnotherapy, and other practices that will help you move beyond where you are now.


You will learn to create, interact, and work with your Quantum Soul-Team and how to ground all your blessings in your 5D & 7D timeline into 3D.


You will learn & practice channeling sessions with your Soul-mate, to bust any unknown, unprecedented blocks to abundance.


You will learn how to manifest the Soul-Mate relationship with your Soul, to a Soul-Mate relationship with your Partner. If you are single, you will learn to attract your ultimate Soul-mate connection.


You will learn to channel your Sacred Soul Symbol/ Sacred Soul Number that you could use throughout your life even after this program is over.


This will take a few days as we’ll go over each shift that happened and how you are navigating it for tangible results, all the miracles you manifested and last few practice sessions of your choice.

You are now embodying your highest authority!!!!



We’re looking for Beta-Testers who will join for a 5 Week dive-in with Paulami, where they get all the juicy processes, subconscious altering techniques to take their life (personal & professional) onto the next level, in exchange for a detailed review.

There are no hidden-costs involved.

Paulami has been using these practices the last couple of years, which has taken her from a broke seeker to a multi-millionaire one. It has also helped her accept, work & recode all her traumas and hidden beliefs that messed her life up.

This testing although will be earnest in its approach, so if you are not willing to change anything, or commit to your exponetial growth, then its isn’t ideal for you.

We are only looking for 4 powerful & potential masters and will work with first come, first serve basis.


What you’ll receive

Two Live Sessions every Week

One Immersive Session every 20 days

All the e-books and other materials

Audio Recordings of all Ceremonies, Visualizations, Meditations

Healing & Channeling sessions as and when needed

A soul-authority accountability Partner for manifesting

Activate your ultimate, magical Soul-Mate connection, join me now.