Bookings for services and products are not refundable until specified so.

If, for any grave reason (illness or personal), Paulami isn’t available or is unable to do your session, we will make effort to reschedule, and if it’s not possible we will give a full and complete refund.

You will then have to re-book through our website:

No shows or a wrong buy can’t be refunded.


Paulami isn’t responsible for your emotional and/or mental reaction to the reading. There are no exceptions.

We don’t accept returns or exchanges for services.

For products, we don’t accept return. Exchange can be done when the clients receive damaged product/products.


After a product is bought, it will take 3-4 days to prepare the item and the dispatch will be done within a week of receiving the order.

You will get your order within 15 days of placing the order except in case of any climatic challenges, delays during the holiday season, remote places as per courier carrier policy.