Shamanic Journey to Past-Life

Heal your Karmic Loop

Hi! I’m Paulami

You have superpowers that will help others when you share them and the my work is to gift you clarity, magnetism and platform to do just that.

Re-incarnation and Past-Life has always been a debate for an average person, but for you, as a being of superconscious senses, you already know how truthful it is.

As a Spiritual Mentor or Coach, or a psychic when you dive deeper into the Past-Life and Akashic Records of your clients or yourself, you may have found profound wisdom and an uncanny connection with synchronicities. You may also have discovered the reasons behind so many unexplained situations and relationships in your life along with the karmic loop which kept you stuck for a long period.

Past-Life and its revelation has its own magic and I wanted to extend this detailed Shamanic Journey to help you with your difficult & stubborn karmic loop with this Guided Meditation.


This journey is a deep dive into those time stretches you lived as a different person and gathered experiences which now works as blessings and challenges. This guided meditation will help you find and know the karmic loop that’s been a sore to you, or if you want to discover the origins of some powers you have today. This guided journey is intention based, so chose your intention before you practice. Also listen to the details. This session is ideal if you want to visit one or more past-lives and will work for you again & again when you come back to it, revealing powerful amazing things.

Throughout this session, I am commanding your subconscious to remember the situations, the places, the people and the relationships you visit, so you can either change the loop or severe ties with them for your highest good.

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I’m here to support you, as always ~ Paulami¬†