All SERVICES – Coaching, Reading, Healing, Channeling are confidential and will never be shared with anyone without the client’s permission.

Paulami uses her services with honest, loving, supportive intentions and compassion to uplift, motivate and empower.

Paulami extends her services to older than 18 years old. Persons younger than 18 years old need a written consent from their parent or legal guardian to receive a service.

Reading/channeling about third parties:

Paulami do not accept questions about third-parties, as they induce negative karmic baggage on to you as well as the reader for interfering without consent.

Therefore, we advise you to keep the focus of your question on yourself rather than on someone else.

Paulami respects and honors all her clients, regardless of age, gender, race, background, spiritual beliefs, sexual preference, or economic status.

Our goal is to, inspire you to think positively, providing answers to clients’ questions to the best of our ability & focus on the positive ways to resolve situations.


Readings/Coaching/Healing services at Soul-Innovations Studio does not include:
solving crimes, picking lottery numbers, locating lost items or persons, predicting death dates, predicting exact dates of events, reading about past lives, reading about pregnancy, diagnosing illnesses or finding cures for illnesses, gossiping, curse inducing invocations, using energy for nefarious purposes of selfish, self-centered outcomes.

Paulami reserves the right to decline giving a service which violates her personal ethics.

You acknowledge that our Coaching, Healing & Readings are not a substitute for licensed medical, legal, business, financial, therapeutic, or other health care service, nor any other professional advice for which Paulami is not qualified. In such cases, you should seek help and guidance from a medical, legal, business, financial, therapeutic, or other professional.

You acknowledge that any and all suggestions, advise, answers, communication, you use is your own responsibility and doesn’t have anything to do with Paulami or Soul-Innovations studio.

You also acknowledge that channeled messages, predictions of the future are not guaranteed outcomes. The predictions are expressions of opinion only. The predictions are based on the current events and the outcome can be influenced by your decisions and choices you make by your free will.