That Thing Called Self-Love




Experience your true-self with this potent dose of Self-Love through neuro-transformative exercises of Chakras (endocrine system), self-attuning meditations, powerful affirmations with emotional intelligence building blocks of specified, targeted coloring.

Nothing you’ve ever experienced before! 

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Your Crown has been bought and paid for.

Put it on your head and wear it.

~ Maya Angelou

60 days of Transformation & Awakening

This is an action oriented love-formula which serves you as you chose to use it everyday till 60 days. Each day there is something new to uncover, new to know & discover. Cultivating love is the main theme!

Learn & practice your own Self-Love Formula

Knowing our own inner-science can take life-times as we’re the true Cosmic-energy, in brain, in every cell of our body. The self-Love Formula devised through the practices in the journal is a few step forward in understanding that complexity and make it work for us, now.

Decode your Healing with your True-Self 

Understanding & conquering our idea of Self has been manipulated & adultrated into a out-of-reach reality. The truth of it lays when you allow yourself to go on that journey with well proven techniques of NLP, Self-Hypnosys, activating the brain-cells to light up your truth.

Uncover the Self you have been dreaming untill now!

Root Chakra

Align to Earth- Be Abundance – Activate Instincts

Meng-Mein Chakra

Vehicle of Transmutation – Accelerator Power

Throat Center

Center of Soul-Purification – Gateway to the Subconscious

Sacral Chakra

Creative Power – Soul Truth – Kundalini Alignment


Power of Will – Release Network – Astral World Portal

Ajna Center

Cosmic-Time Manager – Active Intelligence Center

Navel Chakra

Infinitesimal Potential Point – Chi Center

Heart Center

Anahat – the power of being “unhurt”

Crown Center

Divine Spiritual Blueprint – Center of Oneness – The CHRIST Portal

Introducing COLORING as a Self-Love anchor.

Coloring is a form of art-therapyused since centuries. What it does to the brain is powerful. Coloring releases stress by reducing the activity at amygdala, which is responsible for the fight or flight response, thus putting us in the meditative state.

Coloring improves sleep, and can delay dementia as its’ working with our motor skills.

Mindfulness is easy to achieve with coloring, but “That thing called Self-Love Journal” has taken it further by introducing powerful affirmations & invocations in coloring along with the images. It uses and manipulates the wires of our brain to function and align in the new way as we draw and focus deeper at the affirmed words.

This is beyond therapuetic and can have lasting effect on your brain in all the good ways.


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That thing called Self-Love is a way to romanticize your own love and work through all the viels that challenges it.

This isn’t just a “write about your day” journal but it includes the most important part of our 3D journey that our Soul loves, “Inspired Action”.

And as most of Paulami’s work, this is also you becoming your own Self-Love therapist, Self-Love Healer. With this journal you’ll also have an accompanyinge-book that will go in details about your answers and its connection to your inner-challenges.


Work with your brain & body in a fun & engaging way to level-up to your higher-conscious levels.


Self-Love and exercising your brain goes hand-in-hand. Experience it with That thing called Self-Love.


Know your body and discover the hidden emotions.


Release both the stress and magic out in the open to use them for your best.


Experience how deep work doesn't need lengthy hours, nor prejudiced notions.


Romance yourself, your life!

Take a deep breath and say with complete conviction,


Get Help From Your Quantum YOU!!

There’s already a version of you, waiting to be claimed, full of love for yourself and knowing that you’re much more than you think right now. 

Claim her now!!!

Nobody has to know your secrets to heal you, you can do that for yourself!!!


A simple self-love routine can open all the closed doors, release challenges, transforms our vision & belief, letting us discover our future-self with ease & grace.