3 Ways to use the Full Moon Energy of Pushya Nakshatra

(25th January 2024)

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The first FULL MOON of 2024 is on 25th January 2024, in Cancer & Pushya Nakshatra. This celestial ceremony associated with Pushya Nakshatra, the one associated with good karma & bringer of lucky times and the abundance inducing Cancer sign can be helpful in pulling a new beginning (again) for you.

The hidden wonders of this Full Moon

 Pushya Nakshatra is considered one of the most beneficial & powerful Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The ruling Planet of this nakshatra is Saturn who is also the Lord of Karma & Manifestation. Pushya Nakshatra has the ultimate energy of manifesting wealth, good fortune, and success.

Cancer as a sign ruled by the Moon represents our intuition, emotions, and nourishing energy.

With the Full Moon ascending on these two celestial bodies, it will amplify the energy of deeper wisdom accompanied with huge accomplishments. This is a time of heightened intuitive nudges, deeper wisdom, connection to the Soul and ultimate manifestation of dreams through magical inner wounds healing.


Tarot Channeling for this Full Moon

The energy is of intense momentum, be it a new business, a venture, a relationship or a job, everything will just happen. Nothing much in the department of inner strength will be required as things are already at the right place and turmoil will be happening at the right time to shake things up.

My Angels are telling me that any kind of mantra chanting will be highly effective for restoring any cracks in the Aura as well as strengthening good luck. Just because this month will feel more like things happening by themselves and we may feel like a spectator or a actor directed by an infinite force, the changes & the movements won’t be difficult or cagey. There is a beautiful flow of purpose that seems settling with your due to your Soul-Team and their intervention even if at times you may not consciously feel it. Know whenever you feel a little powerless but not in a bad way, it’s your Soul-Team working their way through things for your highest good.

This is a channeled message so my Goddess from Sirius Star cluster wants you to know that even in the emptiness of it, things will happen as they should for you. You will feel more & more comfortable as days go by and will find your manna if you thought you were losing it. Time to repair, remold and create that heavy goal you felt wasn’t for you. Do your best!!!

 3 Ways to use the Full Moon Energy

Heighten your Intuition/ Psychic Abilities

This Full Moon has an energy that can open portals for you to connect with your psychic abilities. See, its said that we shouldn’t have any kind of “need” for our psychic abilities or “siddhas” because the opposite happens when we attach ourself with things that we need not.

Because of this lack mindset of “I need to grow my psychic ability” or “I need to connect to psychic abilities”, most of the time when we should have reached our highest parameter, we remain a novice.

This Full Moon may clear some of those doubts for you and you may know that all these “abilities” are within you anyways, which will help you march further into this territory without fear.

If you already are a psychic, meditate with this Full Moon to heighten the ability and reach new milestones. Yes, that a high probability for the portal now opening.

If you want to access a meditation that will do just that, join my Free Full Moon ceremony for this month here:  Full Moon Ceremony 


Exorcise the inner-fears/ Challenges of your Inner-Child

Pushya Nakshatra’s association with Saturn is a place where you can go from strength to strength in your healing. Saturn “manifests” and without their energy your body & brain won’t be able to comprehend the healing or manifesting language, nor will there be any grounding for the energy to manifest in your earthly life.

This Full Moon is heavily influenced by “healing” and “shadow-work” as both of them are all about higher intellect and understanding, also because Cancer and Pushya Nakshatra brings forth that arrangement.

If you have been working through your inner challenges, heart burns, trauma, grief; know this Full Moon can create dramatic good shifts in those areas. During the Full Moon day and then 3 days after that remember to use your magical healing tools for solid shifts in your brain and body.

We’re doing an amazing chakra Flow healing for this Full Moon, join me to experience it: Full Moon Ceremony 


Download your Yearly Life Blueprint

This Full Moon can be your channeling expert, and may deliver for you the blueprint of this year for your ascension & success. I am not talking like the mis- astrologers who see everything set in stone. With this year’s blueprint I mean the kind of energy and the kind of circumstances your karma from last few years have created which may manifest this year. This blueprint can also be an answer to your Akashic Records and may deliver some sudden anticipated changes related to your book of life (past life, soul contracts).

 My last channeling session with Archangel Michael have such a soul contract of one of your ancestors coming forth, if you haven’t heard the session here it is: Channeled Message from Archangel Michael (First 3 Months of 2024) 

The bet thing to do will be to sit with your Guides and Angels and using automatic writing download your blueprint. You can also ask for help if you will like to shift things.