Write Your Success Story: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Book Writing

Writing a book is not just a creative outlet; it is also an incredible opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field and leave a lasting impact on your audience. By putting your thoughts and experiences into words, you can inspire and empower others, while simultaneously elevating you and your business.

But where do you begin?

~ Sue Kennedy

Return to your Goddess-Self: 3 Ceremonies for Fulfillment, happiness & Manifestation

The monthly cycle of every woman is a prime time (which never ends) to connect with your inner Goddess-Self and drive fulfillment, happiness and manifestation in your life. We’re talking about the mirroring of our cycle with that of the Moon Goddess and how we have this period of New Moon, Full Moon and waxing periods along with time of rest & rejuvenation, power time and manifesting period within a month.

This was ancient knowledge and during the Golden period, there was this sacred ritual around the time of menstruation, and females were given a sacred place to stay secluded from others so they don’t meet people and can protect their energy.

~ Paulami Das


I’d like to share a personal story. Struggling with symptoms of ADD and Dyslexia, I faced many challenges. Yet, these very challenges inspired me to read and listen to 100 books a year, and now, in my 7th year, I have accomplished 700 books, totaling 1000 in ten years.

~ Asher Wright

Find Healing Love to Overcome Addictions and Heart Wounds

Sometimes, these problems turn into addictions and emotional pain that are really tough to handle, especially when we don’t have a personal relationship with God. His love can help us heal from anything, no matter how much we know about God. Let’s explore this.

Before we talk about God’s healing love, let’s understand what addictions and wounds are. Addictions are when we get stuck doing things that hurt us, even when we know there are consequences. There are all kinds of addictions, but the ones I deal with are sexual in nature. People often turn to pornography, brothels, or affairs as an attempt to soothe the pain of life or insecurities.

~ Matt Cline

Grief at Work: Why You Should Care and What Can You Do

Where and how is grief being created at work?

  • Perhaps you have had a staff member die or your employees have faced loss of patients or clients.
  • Perhaps you had a restructuring lately and the people who kept their jobs have survivor’s guilt, feel uncertainty, and miss their colleagues.
  • Perhaps you launched a product that didn’t take off the way you had hoped.

Where and how are your customers experiencing grief?

  • Perhaps you provide a service that people often need after the loss of a loved one like real estate or financial services.
  • Perhaps your client group has higher than normal levels of grief because of higher risk factors.

~ Suzanne Jabour

An intro to Pelvic Health 

Pelvic floor symptoms are very common, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

1 in 3 women suffer with incontinence (unwanted leaking of urine).

1 in 2 women struggle with painful intercourse after childbirth.

1 in 3 men experience some degree of sexual dysfunction.

1 in 2 women experience some degree of pelvic organ prolapse.

1 in 2 moms experience diastasis recti at one year postpartum.

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is often undiagnosed because of the vast array of symptoms, and not enough education on what it is or what concerns to look for. PFD is COMMON, but not normal, and it is TREATABLE!!

~ Dr. Mandi Kelso



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