Learn to Defend your Energy, your Dharma, your Light! 




How to Save Yourself

from Psychic Attacks


Harmful Magic


Master practical self defense skills to protect yourself, your family, your home, office, property and pets from dark forces and intrusive energies.

This is a holistic program rooted in Shamanic Energy, Ancient Adept Practices & Archangel & Goddess Energy practices that will boost your system and protect you & yours.


This Workshop is ideal for Healers, Lightworkers, Card-Readers,  Life Coaches, Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioners, Empaths, Starseeds, Mediums who are working with clients or are planning to.

 This program is also suitable for seekers who have gone through Spiritul or Kundalini Awakening or are in the midst of Dark Night, and who feel they have a sacred mission to transform darkness into light, first within yourself then in the world.

As a Psychic or an Empath you always pick up other people’s thoughts & feelings.

When you work with clients you feel overwhelm by negative energy, your own or theirs’, or both.

    You have weak boundaries or no boundaries at all.

    You are a people-pleasure mostly to your detriment.

    You have ascended and keep attracting energy vampires or balck magic.

    You have frequent night-terroprs/ night mares as your energy isn’t cleansed enopugh to protect you.

    Your clients get their breakthrough, but you are stuck in this negative karmic loop that doesn’t seem to heal whatever you do.

    Your shadows & pseudo inner-child have more power over you and keeps sabotaging.

    No Spiritual hygiene.

    Mental fog, poor mental focus.

    Bad luck keeps manifesting bad results, even after constant energy work.

    Overwhelming negative thoughts and emotions that you can’t seem to get release from.

    Constant backlash and sabotage from people who have gained from you.


    The purpose of this Psychic Protection Workshop is to help you master your spiritual power as well as energy hygiene, in a holistic way, so that you can use these ground breaking practices to help other people, to heal and improve their lives.

    You will also learn to manage your energy anywhere.

    Know exactly what or who you are defending yourself from, so you can be prepared and fearless to do it right!

    Be aware of your own superpowers so you can detect any energy vampires or conscious attacks on you so you can use the right technique to nullify them quickly & powerfully.

    Creating strong positive emergy around yourself and your dharma so your poeople pleasing tendency have no power over you so you can protect yourself better.

    Creating a strong personal practice of protection that works on every attack, however strong that is.

    Learn to retrieve your power back after an attack which has has detached one of your Soul’s aspect, so you can bring back that essence. 

    Learn how to not get effected/triggered into reactyion by psychic verbal attacks and jealous schemes.

    Launch on 15th May 2024








    60% Launch Discount till 9th May 2024

    This is a set of pre-recorded video/audio class.  As soon as you join now you get a discount of 60%. The classes and the journal will be available on 10th May 2024. You can listen to the series anytime, anywhere. 

    With the fast shifts and ascension happening now, I believe that all seekers from Empaths, Lightworkers to Starseeds are in need of protecting their sensitivity & vulnerability because that’s their Superpower!!

    And this PSYCHIC PROTECTION Workshop/Program is the best way to go about it as it cultivates love and help you shed the veil of toxicity in the gentlest possible way.

    Getting started is only a click away. Reserve your Spot today!!

    Meet Your Instructor

    Paulami Das is an Healer, Alchemist & a Yogi. She is a Psychic and a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Angel Healer, Numerologist with over 15 years of experience. 

    She is also the creator of the Ceremonial Buddha App and the host of Decoding Wellness podcast & Magazine. She specializes in uncovering the Superpowers of emerging psychics, empaths and healers so that they can fully step into their gifts since the world needs all the healers that it can get!