Manifesting Prosperity Bundle

These products are created with the philosophy of “Don’t Chase but Attract”. May you find the right unique combination Code with this bundle to unlock your rightful Prosperity!!


Do you know know Journaling is important in maintaing not only Emotional and Psychological well-being, but also for reducing stress, enhanced cognitive function, improved self awareness? Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that expressive writing reduced the intensity of negative emotions associated with stressful experiences. Journaling can help individuals gain control over their emotions and develop healthier coping strategies.

When your inner world is abundant, your outer world will remain so without getting affected by any economic climate!!!

Prosperity Code (this Bundle) is a manifesting formula to create the prosperity you deserve rather than getting affected by the economic weather. This is a mix of magic formulas using the Law of Vibrations, Law of Attraction, Neuroplasticity triggers, Neuro-Linguistic programming of our system through occult rituals (a new way of fast-tracking your manifestation), and creating a powerful morning/evening routine without spending hours on a journal that doesn’t have the right prompts. This energy-coding of the nervous system to shift the brain functioning and receive fresh, new, amazing ideas which suit your unique energy and attracts right opportunities, will help you keep on track, without overwhelming and is meant to soothe the neurodivergent system of sensitivity and manifesting prosperity.

This is a super easy and fun way to manifest without overwhelming our ADHD, anxiety & trauma-related emotions.

How is the Manifestation

Bundle Different?

  • 30 Money Manifesting Cards (pdf), each having a unique formula to capture the essence of manifestation. Imagine having 30 new rituals for activating your “creative” powers and also respecting your sacred & unique energy, giving you your own distinctive ritual.


  • A 30-day, 5 mins manifesting journal that will enhance clarity, build up motivation, and help you move beyond your inner-child fears.


  • “Find your Money” journal that works with the concept of the purpose of money of the billionaire mindset. It helps you align with the real purpose of money so you have a better relationship with it and know its true importance in your life. This helps your manifestation process by removing one of the most powerful challenges.
  • 44 Money Affirmation Cards that you can stick to your mirrors, within your closet, at your workspace, or in your journal to affirm daily, cleansing your energy.


  • A Prosperity Check with a twist of Sacred Prosperity Symbol and code to your Universal Prosperity Vault.


  • A Sacred Prosperity Symbol (also used in the Prosperity Check), that you can use to strengthen your prosperity code in your brain and in your body for better manifestation. When you have time draw on it while you recite your money affirmations.

For the Journals: Created in A4 and US Letter. Please use your printer’s scaling function to change the size if needed.

For the Cards:

Money Manifestation Cards 30-day ritual to attract Prosperity has a size of 6” X 4” shared in a pdf for your convenience.

The 44 Affirmations Cards are 3.5 X 4.5 inches in size shared in a pdf for your convenience.

Sacred Symbol Card is 7” X 10” in size.

Kindly scale and resize wherever necessary.


Works with iPad and Android Tablets.
Supported Annotation Apps: GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical elements with this purchase. This product is only for PERSONAL USE.