Toxicity and Black Magic in Manifesting

Hi! I’m Paulami

You have superpowers that will help others when you share them and the my work is to gift you clarity, magnetism and platform to do just that.

Working with the toxic & black energy of manifesting is the ultimate way to the downfall of Soul!

Manifestation in itself is a powerful Spiritual Process and like any other spiritual process it’s high vibrational as well as a detached process of the Universe, which isn’t new. Our body, our World and everything in it is a process of manifestation. Nature for the Cosmos is different that what we know as nature on earth and that along with its tiniest organism has been an act of manifestation.

Which is why Humans who have travelled in different bodies and have had more than a crore avatars before being in the human form (acc/to Bhagvad Gita) has an innate understanding as well as a design in their system which is all about manifestation!

Manifestation is a process, a process of enlightenment.

The principle of manifestation is connected with our Soul, and one of the dharma that we all have as human-bodied Soul is to manifest the power of our Soul in our body & mind.

I am not saying that when I wanted money, I shouldn’t have manifested it or it’s not right to pray for it or request the creator, because it’s money. Everything in this World and this Cosmos is pure, even money is pure energy, only our corrupted, socially conditioned brain doesn’t see it like that!!!

What I’m trying to imply is, manifestation isn’t greediness, its’ not work less and get paid more attitude of delusion, nor is it trampling over somebody’s free will because we want it, or overlooking our own narcissism which is all about self-sabotaging behaviour.

If you want a beautiful life and embrace everything that can make you the beholder of it, then you are translating your Soul’s desire and that’s real manifestation. This may include money, a job, a great business, relationships, health and everything in between. 

As always Universe has dictated a very thin line between manifestation and toxicity.

A prime example is the person who keeps blaming their “narcissistic ex” for every problem. I know this is a controversial topic, but hear me out. We’ll are narcissistic to a certain level, and its required for survival. Narcissism is simply that lucky-girl syndrome which in higher dose is completely toxic.

In ceratin manifestation community, a few manifestation coaches, “help” their clients by putting all the blame on one partner, absolving the other. If this was true, then the mirror effect of Neville Goddard which is also another perspective of the Law of Karma will be totally false.

But because we’re so scared of looking at our own shadow, which is this case is abusing and sabotaging ourself mirrored by the partner, we twist the process of manifestation.

There are many others which I’ve dealt with in the 1st Video as there are so many.

Knowing them will help you navigate past any probability of creating bad luck for yourself and will also help you not get trapped with the “not the right” coach.

The topics I discussed here are:

  1. Manifesting is promoting victim mindset
  2. Manifesting & the culture of “less work, more pay”
  3. Manifesting & you can’t do any wrong mindset
  4. Manifesting a specific person (BM aspect)
  5. Manifesting an ex back (BM aspect)

I hope this discussion leaves enough room for you to think about and debate with yourself if somehow you have been caught in the web. Some other interesting takes on manifesting money and the million dollar villa have been discussed in the next part, so stay tuned.


Paulami + your Soul-Team