This is a unique time of growth for everyone, more so for Lightworkers & Starseeds who are Soul-led, heart-centered individuals of awakened inner light.

Your energy is your greatest currency, shared with you by your Spirit team and the Cosmos. You have the immense power of doing wonders with your attuned energy. But the fact remains that we have chosen 3D as our life-ground and the more we get involved in this life, the connection is compromised whether we want it or not. This is why you may have developed some symptoms that looks physical and very normal on the surface but actually is a deep calling from your Soul, to take an inner inventory.

I’m covering some of the symptoms of our soul messages. If you think and feel that your connection needs upleveling, then seek attunement with angels.

This particular free offer is for heart-led chosen ones’ who rely on their energy to attract and not chase, who are into deep inner work and want to see the next level of ascension, and who are ready to embrace their mighty self and won’t be afraid of their own power or energy.

This attunement isn’t just for relief, but is heavy with road-opener energy, attracting & manifesting abundance, ‘knowing” about your biggest goal and what you will be able to achieve, seeking support from strong cosmic spirits and just being your intuitive, ascended, powerful self.

What is Sacred Angel Attunement?

Attunement is a powerful method to change our inner system attracting high vibrational reality.

These 3 Sacred Angel Attunements with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Chamuel & Archangel Raphael is designed to shift the restrictive system of inner-loop and break it down to reveal your real World of grounded awakening and changes in tangible reality.

It vibrates your cells and DNA to a new level, tuning you to enhanced connection to universal energy for manifesting inspiration as well as connections with higher powers, visions, and creative expression.


  • These are beautiful and powerful sessions of receiving transformational clearings and attunements from the Archangels.
  • These will upgrade your light body and gift you a vibrational frequency which then enables you to work with a personal team of Angelic beings, to channel high-vibrational angelic frequencies of light and attune every aspect of your life to that higher manifestation.
  • This attunement is as much enhancing as healing. Healing used in conjunction with the higher vibrational elements coming through by the powers of the Archangels.
  • You will receive angelic codes of healing & abundance.
  • 4 Angelic prayer using a different format, I call the language of attunement which triggers the brain directly, creating lasting changes.
  • These Attunements are tuned to release your multi-dimensional DNA from restrictions and start active participation in your life.
  • Attunements are safe, benevolent, and high vibrational.
  • The first attunement is with Archangel Metatron to release harmful soul-Contracts and invite uplifting relationships & partnerships.
  • The second attunement is with Archangel Chamuel to release poverty mindset and invite infinite abundance from AA Chamuel’s etheric retreat, whenever you need it.
  • The third attunement is with Archangel Raphael to open blessings for us through the attunement of our Heart center.


Apart from an e-book with all needed information and 3 Angelic Attunemnets of power (meditative journey), and 4 prayers, you’ll also receive downloadable and printable version of the prayers. These prayers have worked magic for me when used and you’ll see why.

You’ll feel the uniqueness of these attunements with their power to change and how you feel after each one of them. Give yourself a few days to acclimatize the energy and your raise in vibration.

The symptoms I discussed earlier, can be some of these or all of these, and you know this is your time for radical awakening.

Non-stopped fatigue, sudden nausea, headaches that won’t leave you, confusion, electric charge on your body/skin, heavy ringing in the ear, at times, intensified, disruption of sleep around the same time every day, meeting ancestors in your dreams, sudden goosebumps which you’re not able to explain, strong urge of doing something that you have abandoned a long time back, being aware of major shifts but without clarity, feeling more sensitive to other people and their energy, insomnia, intense body-ache or sudden allergies, a desire to travel even not knowing where.

As a Lightworker, it’s your dharma to take care of our energy and protect it. Angel Attunements gives you that space to do it without feeling burdened with doing everything on your own.

Let your Archangels guide you to the best part of your life, still unfolding through these changing times!!!